Connecting With Your Peers

Feeling like you’re on a mission to mars? On your own? Don’t! Others have been there before. Connect with them. Let them shape your journey. Here’s how.

This article is part of the limited preview of the “The Missing Cloud Programme Roadmap”, a generic roadmap for any enterprise cloud adoption programme.

  1. Executive Summary
  2. The Cloud and Enterprises
  3. The Missing Cloud Programme Roadmap
    1. The Cloud Programme Roadmap
    2. The First Iteration of The Cloud Programme Roadmap
    3. The Unavoidable Disclaimer
    4. The Roadmap for The Missing Cloud Programme Roadmap
    5. The Manual for the Missing Manual
    6. Building the Business Case
      1. Key Achievements
      2. The Definition of Cloud
      3. The Rationale for the Cloud Programme
      4. Managing the Message
      5. Securing Regulatory Approval
      6. Connecting With Your Peers
      7. Recording Outcomes: The Cloud Manifesto
    7. Starting the Cloud Programme
    8. Iteratively Building the Delivery Pipeline
    9. Iteratively Executing the Delivery Pipeline
  4. A Cloudy Future

Connecting With Your Peers

As with other common or contemporary initiatives, there’s a decent chance you’re not the first one in your industry trying to adopt the cloud. As such, there’s no real need to re-discover the lessons learned (mostly the hard way) in other organisations.

Joining a “round table”, meet-up, or conference (whether virtual or in person) and connecting with peers opens the door widely to tap into the collective wisdom of the broader industry.

Not only does it allow to hear first hand about successes and failures from colleagues who were or are in a similar situation but to potentially also find a mentor for the cloud adoption journey.

However, any advice, whether in person or online, should be treated lightly and met with scepticism (especially on blogs like this one!) as certain aspects will be unique to organisations. Plus, omissions can sometimes be the key to telling a great success story.

By actively seeking open discussions, industry peer-reviews can provide a crucial external view on a cloud programme and help prevent otherwise falling for the groupthink fallacy. As such,

Why not invite others to join and shape your journey?!

Oh, and as with any mentoring — prepare to give back to the community and help others at a later stage. You’ll be a “cloud mentor” later on. The knowledge was ever only yours to pass on.

Recording Outcomes: The Cloud Manifesto

Find out more about it in the next article.

So, How Do You Learn Cheap?!

While the above Worx for Me!™ when it comes to securing access to external views and eventually giving back to the community, you may have an alternative or better way.

Think this is all rubbish, massively overrated, or generally heading into the absolutely wrong direction?! Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn and teach me something new!

As always, prove me wrong and I’ll buy you a pint!


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